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About Us

Our Mission

We seek to provide comprehensive mental health treatment in a non-judgmental way through quality psychiatric services, psychotherapy and mentoring programs.

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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the improvement program are to:

• Improve the mental health status of persons served
• Enhance continuity and coordination among our services and primary care providers
• Ensure persons served receive timely and satisfactory service from HH providers

Some primary goals we seek to achieve with our clients are an improvement in family relationships, healthy social interactions and improved work and/or academic performance. We also seek to reduce symptoms of illness and prevent hospitalization.

Helping Hands Values

The purpose of this clinic is to administer a comprehensive set of mental health services. We provide services to a wide range of individuals without regard to race, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Our services are provided in the least restrictive manner according to the individual level of functioning.

In certain instances, individuals may need coordinated services. Every effort will be made to coordinate services within the community at large. Our services shall be monitored to ensure quality and effectiveness of treatment.

Our Mission

Helping Hands Therapeutic Services exists to empower individuals seeking self-improvement. We seek to provide comprehensive mental health treatment in a non-judgmental way through quality mentoring programs. It is our desire to provide individualized services for each client we serve until the client has reached their personal level of therapeutic success.

Our Vision

Helping Hands Therapeutic Services: Striving to be the leader in authentic mental health treatment by way of our caring staff and comprehensive services. For us, true success is measured by the success of the clients we serve.

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